Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Take a guess

Take the link below to the predictor regarding the expectant baby.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Creepy Crawly Blog Stomp??

Paper Popsicles will be having a Creepy Crawly Blog Stomp on October 10th. I have no lcue what this is, but it sounds fun. Let's check it out?
PS There is candy over there right now :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Simple brag... nothing new, just bragging

I entered 5 sCRAPpy items in the Canfield Fair (largest county fair in the country I am told)... and I won five ribbons!!!

First Place:

Second place:And three Third places!!! No fourth, no honorable mention!

Feeling pretty spunky about the whole thing. My girlfriend Beth also won a blue ribbon and so I changed the Crafty Girlz description to read "Blue Ribbon scrapping with Beth and CJ" :0

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Taking Pictures

It was National Photo Walk Day today, or some such really important national *holiday* which everyone should be participating. Went on a walk in Boardman. There were only 4 of us, but I still enjoyed myself.

First up my silly standby, I can't resist taking pictures of bees. This one is really crisp blown up. I like him a lot.

Next up we have some peeling paint. I love the colors.

A classic flower picture, I took a lot of them. This one had the best color and bokeh I thought.

And the steeple... I swear I did not remove any color (I might have played with the exposure and contrast and, and, and, but I left the color alone) It's essentially a neutral colored building without a break in the clouds it appears to be black and white.

Now for some of the real fun playing around... Andrew sitting inside the church. It's a classic "Andrew look"

This was Erik and Lexi's wedding. Lucky for Tony (Lexi's dad) Andrew is not qualified and Erik did not attempt to kiss the bride. He is however insisting that Lexi is both his girlfriend and his wife. I love how GiGi appears to be posing as if the picture is about her.

And finally a little self portrait work in the bathroom... how often do you find a mirror with a big window right behind it. On a brighter day that might be the super awesome place to try this again. I need to remember to always bring my make-up, or wear it, or tattoo it on my face.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Scrappy Thursday :)

Loving it.

White with One asked for purple and circles. Not generally a color I use but I made a go of it.

Mix it up asked for a photo more than 20 years old of yourself... I don't know anything about this picture other than it's me in June of 1973, making it 36 years old.

I did a card too, but since I have to give it away next week... I'm not going to post it! Not very productive this week, but I sure did have a nice time. Nice to meet Lisa and so see old friends Krista, Cindy, and Susan.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Scrappy Thursday

52 Skecthes:
Mix it up, mixer 23... 4 pictures, 4 manufacturers, hand written journaling, and flowers.

Got Mojo dots + I'm a little bit_________ title.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Scrappy Thursday.... did I hear QUADRUPLE DIP???

Without further adieu... here it is. The long a waited quadruple dip. I always knew it was possible and yet somehow never dreamed I could be so bold.

The bones is 52 Sketches. (Blinkie on the side)

Secondly we have ScrapJazz power of 4 challenge. 4 pictures/4 patterned papers/ 4 flowers/ and 4 buttons... more is fine, but must have 4 of each.

Thirdly BASB challenge #15 was monochromatic... well with this many elements working at the same time, monochromatic seems like the only way to go. I am loving the monochromatic look.

And last but not least (and I totally admit at this point done just so I could tag the supreme quadruple dip) Scrap Whispers had an ABC title challenge.

I hope not to have offended anyone with the quadruple dip, it's just scrap booking and it is all in good fun;)

My second LO of the day was this little beauty for White with One, the challenge was White with Red plus brackets.

The bones of this sketch is a Valerie Salmon Sketch#85 from Got Sketch.

All the pictures from this week are from Erik Jr's 5th birthday. My mom took like 3 million pictures, so there should be more of the same coming!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Scrappy Thursday and some candy

First up is 52 sketches. I turned the sketch sideways to suit my needs and poo-poo'ed the omnipresent circles. Beth will be proud.

Next up is Mix it Up challenge. The sketch plus stars... the pictures were too perfect. I spent some time getting frustrated with myself trying to make "Pittsburgh Steeler Stars" and then gave in to standard stars. I am too lazy lately. The old me would have put the Craft Robo to good use and wrestled out the proper stars for the occasion. Being pregnant at 37 isn't a walk in the park. But having the fetus in the back pocket as the excuse for every act of laziness is nice.

Now some woot, woot action. I got snarky in response to a review of the silent setter which seemed to indicate it was preferable to the Making Memories kit at the scrap review . Can I just say "hellz no"... the Making Memories kit rocks and the silent setter is a PITA. If you have to scrap after the kids go to bed and the hammer is too much for them... OK, maybe you have the need, but other than that it's a stupid tool and the Making Memories tool kit RAWKS! It is the go to, go everywhere, must have. IMO. Well they are giving me something?? No clue what but since I like everything except the Silent Setter and the Fiskar's circle cutting system, I am unlikely to complain.

Blog Candy...

Smells like homemade (it's got Copics!!)

And my personal woot, woot. My darling husband has just purchased me my first brand new car ever! And it's a doozy. I am feeling so spoiled and lucky. I got one heck of a deal, $10,000 off of invoice!!! And they gave me $3000 for the car I paid under $10,000 for almost 6 years ago!

It's a love it or hate it item. The Ford Flex. I got the Limited Package with heated leather seats and heated mirrors and 3 moon roofs and 1 sun roof and power assist everything and, and, and.... it's seriously like a limousine for moms. It seats 7 and seriously has EVERYTHING minus the navigation and built-in DVD player. But we have little portable DVD players so it'll be OK. LOL. I still can't believe the deal. It was less expensive than several "slightly used", lesser package, similar vehicles. It's good to have another American Plated/American assembled vehicle in the house.

The Johnson's attempt to stimulate the economy is now over. We have shot for the moon and did everything we could to support American auto makers and construction workers and the like over the last 6 months. We have got some great deals and hope to see the economy make a full recovery based on our expenditures:)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Scrappy Thursday and other stuff

I couldn't host Scrappy Thursday this week due to my first prenatal appointment.  My good friend Beth  hosted instead.  What a treat to scrap at her house!  I got 2 LOs done in fairly quick order.  First is this week's 52 sketches.  The Lo is about taking the "intelligender" test at Mary Boyle's this holiday weekend.  I am loving this October Afternoon line, super cute.

Mix it up's Mixer 21  made with mixer 20's sketch.  I loved the sketch for 20 but just wasn't fast enough getting it together.  The color challenge for Mixer 21 worked a lot better with the photos than the inspiration challenge with mixer 20.  All is well.

The LO is from a nature/photo walk last Saturday through Nelson Ledges in Garettsville, OH.  Love that we got to see the Amish going by.  The girl in the photo is Beth's daughter Lexi, Erik's current love interest.

As if anyone wants to be bored with my non-scrappy life, at the midwife appointment today I got an ultrasound which gives me a due date of January 14th, 2010.  I predict a scheduled induction on 1-10-10... I'd love to have one kid with an easy to remember birthday ;)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Amazing Candy

Passion for Crafts... go win it... and then share with me:)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Scrappy Thursday

Mixer #18 Details:
This week’s mixer is a word challenge – you must use the word PERSEVERANCE somewhere on your layout. It can be in your title or your journaling. I think many of us are faced with different challenges in life where we have to find the strength to persevere, to keep on pushing to reach that goal. This is where the inspiration for this word came from. I hope you will be inspired just like our DT was to create a layout about something, you or someone in your life that had to persevere to accomplish something.

May's Criteria at White with one:
White - dominant colour
with 1 - Olive Green
with 1 - Birdies

I am LOVING the white plus one look.  For such a long time white on a LO has gotten a bad rap.  All because of some old Creative Memories horror LOs.  It's OK to use white :)  White is the new black.  

Perseverance describes the long journey to the new front porch.  For 4 years we discussed what we could and would do.  It took 6 months from old landscaping gone to new retaining wall, porch, roof, fountain, and plants in the ground.  We still have a little work to do.  The cap stone on the retaining wall needs to be finished and some more comfy matchy style patio furniture has to be decided on, the electric line to the fountain will eventually not be the extension cord, and the plants and peach tree need to grow up a little so you aren't looking at the underside of the porch... but all in all, it's 100% better.  I love sitting out there having a beer in the evening, I almost can't wait for the weather to get a little warmer so it'll be all the nicer after sun down.  

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Scrappy Thursday

2 more LOs for my cute little niece's baby book.  

Going Home 2 a full house

A totally cool challenge at Scrapwhispers this week.  Black and white only plus one item of another color. Obviously the photo frame is pink, no searching for it.  I also made baby Alexandra's pinkness pop on the photo, I feared the object of the photo might be lost if I left her grey.  The flourishes are grunge board painted black and then white, then sanded.

Inside joke is the full house is made of a joker and 2 queens.  Shhh, I doubt they will ever get bored enough to read my scrappy blog:)

Bones of this LO is a sketch by Julie Bonner at 52 Sketches.

My Girl

Mix it Up mixer #17, use assorted letters in the title.  I also used the sketch they provided in the mixer.  

The thing under my sister's chin is a clear box to put non acid free stuff.  I was hoping she would add the hospital bracelets, but it's up to her.  I put in a couple of baby themed pieces of chipboard just to occupy the space (in case my sister never gets around to adding anything)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bokeh by computer program

One of my favorite sites, I heart faces is giving away a copy of some truly amazing photo editing software.  Alien skin bokeh.  For those of you with point and shoot cameras who want to get bokeh, this program will do it.  It's amazing.  Click through and check it!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Check it, blog candy

Keepsakes by Melissa has awesome candy, check it out!

Passion for Crafts also has amazing blogiversary candy.  AMAZING!!!  I want it all.

Friday, April 24, 2009

ScrapSketch, check it out

Found ScrapSketch this week.  I think the sketches are really awesome.  They are having a DT call right now... hurry if you're interested, entries due by midnight tomorrow.

I converted the first one to a card.  I needed a card for a dear friend whose husband is in need of a miracle.

This second LO is of "Grandpa Stan" and the Andrew (Erik was there but not while the camera was out) tasting honey straight out of a honey comb.  Stan found the honeycomb while cutting down a tree.  I thought it was a very cool thing for them.  I had to put a stop to the honey eating as the boys would have kept going until they were sick.

I made the back ground by putting paint on bubble wrap and stamping it.  CLose up is of the bee flying into the flower on the edge of the title.  

The last LO is of the boys watching the concrete guys working on our new front porch.  They spent a lot of time staring out the front window that week.  I think there is a natural attraction from boys to construction equipment.  

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Check it

Blog Candy by Crafts for Kim

Cool stuff, I'd post a picture but I think you should go see for yourself.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Blog Candy

Paper Popsicles, check it!  Very cool.

A LO and a new toy.

Sketch #16 at 52 sketches (blinkie in the margins)

Here in Ohio many flowers had already bloomed when we got our final (hopefully) snow fall of the year. Like the insane scrapbooker I am... we postponed breakfast and walked down to "crazy flower lady's house" to take a few pictures first thing. Papers from are Pink Paisley Pop Fashion line, Bazzil Swiss dots, and DCWV Metal stack.

This thing is the coolest.  Got the hookup at Yand M photo in Boardman this weekend with Beth.  What does it do, you might ask?  It allows the white balance in my new camera to do it's thing.  It measures the light in the room and makes adjustments by shooting through it.

It made taking the late night picture of my latest LO much easier.  I probably over paid for it, but honestly got so much really useful advice that I still felt it was a bargain.  

Sunday, April 12, 2009

 II love this LO, inspired by a challenge at "scrap the boys"  I love it!!!

Punk is cool

I can't wait to make a page.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Scrappy Thursday Report

First up is Andrew's Birthday.  The LO is from a sketch on the scrappiest, they are having a DT call with this sketch. I love the sketch, it ended with a LO which I think has a wonderful layered look.  The birthday paper is Target $1.00 isle stuff, the circle is Bazzil African flower die cut.  Andrew had a blast at his party.  I was shocked that he wore that silly hat most of the time.  

Page 2 to the birthday LO.  BASB challenged me to use only cardstock, stamps, and pictures.  Dang I couldn't stamp straight...LOL  I tried to make it look like I did it on purpose, but you now know the truth.  I cut the bowling pins out of white cardstock and stamped the stripes on, likewise the bowling ball is black cardstock

This LO uses Sketch #46 at Creative Scrappers , it also serves the purpose of Scrapjazz's use a TV show name as a title.  I was going to use Law and Order as Erik was explaining to Andrew that he needed to settle down, but then Cindy cut Family out for Mary and I wanted to use the negative to make a mask... and so it happened.  I think Family Guy is a much nicer title anyhow.  I'm totally loving this BG Periphery pack so much... 
I used some more of it.  Yummo.  Have you ever used up an entire line of paper and thought to yourself you'd like to get some more?  I fear I will feel that way when Periphery is gone.  This LO is a Julie Bonner 52 sketch LO.  Check the blinkie on the right for a link.