Saturday, July 18, 2009

Taking Pictures

It was National Photo Walk Day today, or some such really important national *holiday* which everyone should be participating. Went on a walk in Boardman. There were only 4 of us, but I still enjoyed myself.

First up my silly standby, I can't resist taking pictures of bees. This one is really crisp blown up. I like him a lot.

Next up we have some peeling paint. I love the colors.

A classic flower picture, I took a lot of them. This one had the best color and bokeh I thought.

And the steeple... I swear I did not remove any color (I might have played with the exposure and contrast and, and, and, but I left the color alone) It's essentially a neutral colored building without a break in the clouds it appears to be black and white.

Now for some of the real fun playing around... Andrew sitting inside the church. It's a classic "Andrew look"

This was Erik and Lexi's wedding. Lucky for Tony (Lexi's dad) Andrew is not qualified and Erik did not attempt to kiss the bride. He is however insisting that Lexi is both his girlfriend and his wife. I love how GiGi appears to be posing as if the picture is about her.

And finally a little self portrait work in the bathroom... how often do you find a mirror with a big window right behind it. On a brighter day that might be the super awesome place to try this again. I need to remember to always bring my make-up, or wear it, or tattoo it on my face.


Elizabeth said...

Great Pics...I want a copy of the wedding pics. Next year we should organize this crazy event. :D

Chrispea said...

Great picts! I didn't know you know Beth. I really like the church photo of the steeple. And of course the wedding is just beautiful! I always cry at weddings. ;)