Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Woot Woot

The Those Eyes LO featured in the last post won something!!!

Mothers and Daughters has totally cool challenges.

The prize is Basic Grey Urban Prairie Stamps! I can't wait to play with them.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Scrappy Thirsday Strikes again

I wanted to complete a lot of challenges and that I did.

First up is Julie Bonner's 52 sketches. I loved this weeks sketch. And it was very handy as Scrap Whispers was requesting hand writing on a LO. Awesomeness.

The LO was further inspired by GotMojo? asking us to be a super hero. However I didn't actually complete their challenge as I couldn't bring myself to tear something on this LO. I really felt the clean lines were the thing to do... what do you think?
Next Mothers and daughters
requested we use an old Julie Bonner Sketch. I went for #28 from 2008. I love this sketch. I have done it twice now and twice I really like to LO.

The picture on this sketch is from Scrapjazz's photo challenge to get an "eyes" picture. I had not done that before and dang I think it's terrific. So happy to get it on to a LO.

Adding to the fun and challenge of this LO I took on the BASB challenge to use only one peice of patterned paper. No card stock, no nothing paper:O Words can not express the terror I felt looking at my picture and my sketch and trying to choose just one peice of paper. To be true to the challenge the title is Grunge Board, felt ribbon, what looks like a rub on is actually a plastic sticker, buttons, thread, and I drew the waves on. There are some Skittles in the felt ribbon but they aren't visable in the picture.
Anywho... triple dipping is like bad behavior. It's taking advantage of the system or no? I'll take opinions on that too. I love how each challenge puts something new and interesting and different into my book... I oddly enough like the results better when I hit a couple challenges.
Last but not least a single challenge entry.  HA.  This sketch intimidated me, but I did it anyhow.  I don't know what was harder paper without embellishment or embellishment without paper.  The sketch is from creative scrappers.

I seem to have a lot of pictures in these groups of 3, I might use this one again... that is if I can ever get caught up on all the lovely current challenges out there on the world wide web.

Speaking of uncompleted challenges, I haven't touched my whisper from Scrap Whispers.  Janice (my one up) died suddenly while the lift was in her possession.  I am having trouble touching it.  She was a really lovely lady who said lovely things to every one.  I didn't really know her and yet I miss her.  I will try to at least open the file and look at it tomorrow.  I need to get it done there is a whole team minus one lovely lady waiting/depending on me.

For some reason I can't seem to make the text sit next to the pictures I want it to sit next to so I am going text first... pictures second, hope you don't mind!

Toodles for now, CJ

Crafty Makes: Blog Candy

Crafty Makes: Blog Candy

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Buckets of embellishments And some Bella

Quenn and CO... fabulous giveaway.

Bright and fun... another fabulous giveaway. 

Friday, January 9, 2009

It happened again... another double dip.  Another page I am happy to have in my book that would never be there if it weren't for all these bizarre challenges.

The bones of this LO is a sketch from Creative Scrappers, and then the theme and the buttons are courtesy of Got Mojo?... and I can blame the papers on the colors challenge from Scrapjazz.  If it weren't for that this kit would still be buried in the kit pile.

OK, 6/100 down in the no buying challenge.  Going strong and not feeling weak at this moment:)

In case you are curious the journaling reads: 
Traditionally we hang out at home watching football games and previews while having a couple drinks on New Year's Eve.

This year we had better plans, a road trip to visit Oliver in Allentown, PA... but that didn't work out. Something came up at work and Erik had to work a full day on the 31st

Back to our traditional thing. Only Erik started coughing violently, with a 15 second blackout and so we spent New Year's Eve at the local urgent care. Erik was not happy that I made him go... MRI, CAT scan, Breathing treatment, steroid shot and 3 hours later we were back home. Not the memory I was hoping for, but memorable all the same.

I hope your New Year's was fun and a bit less memorable than mine!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Journaling reads: So many reasons this picture is hot. LOL There we are in our brand new Roi-lie-iver, outfits, too bad you can't see the matching colored jeans! Sears catalog baby! Our first purses. On sale at Kinney's shoe store. I really liked that purse, lost it like a year later. Oh, the trauma. I'm pretty sure my hair had been in braids, the slight wave any body at all was something I really strove for. 7-17-1982

LO inspired by scrapjazz's nostalgia challenge.

A good day of scrapping and some cool news

Erik Jr is starting to read, not just recite the words from memory or tell us a story based on the pictures.  

He put his finger on the words and read them, well most of them.  Showing that he was actually "reading" he asked what "also" and "they" were.  I am really proud of him.  

Bonus, I scrapped this out nice and quick.  I used the sketch from the Mix it up blog Challenge #1 and it fit a scrapjazz challenge color challenge also!  A super cool day, with something cool to scrap that manages to double dip challenges!!  Life doesn't get any better than that... oh yes it does!  I had 5 friends over at the house scrapping with me!!  Awesomeness.