Friday, April 24, 2009

ScrapSketch, check it out

Found ScrapSketch this week.  I think the sketches are really awesome.  They are having a DT call right now... hurry if you're interested, entries due by midnight tomorrow.

I converted the first one to a card.  I needed a card for a dear friend whose husband is in need of a miracle.

This second LO is of "Grandpa Stan" and the Andrew (Erik was there but not while the camera was out) tasting honey straight out of a honey comb.  Stan found the honeycomb while cutting down a tree.  I thought it was a very cool thing for them.  I had to put a stop to the honey eating as the boys would have kept going until they were sick.

I made the back ground by putting paint on bubble wrap and stamping it.  CLose up is of the bee flying into the flower on the edge of the title.  

The last LO is of the boys watching the concrete guys working on our new front porch.  They spent a lot of time staring out the front window that week.  I think there is a natural attraction from boys to construction equipment.  


~*~ Stephanie ~*~ said...

I really like the honey one... I love the look of painted bubble wrap on layouts!

Shawnsgirl315 said...

Great layouts. And I can totally understand the boys and trucks, equiptment thing. Tyler is obsessed also.

Elizabeth said... the honeycomb. You are really going through a paint spurt. That card is really sweet.