Friday, June 12, 2009

Scrappy Thursday and some candy

First up is 52 sketches. I turned the sketch sideways to suit my needs and poo-poo'ed the omnipresent circles. Beth will be proud.

Next up is Mix it Up challenge. The sketch plus stars... the pictures were too perfect. I spent some time getting frustrated with myself trying to make "Pittsburgh Steeler Stars" and then gave in to standard stars. I am too lazy lately. The old me would have put the Craft Robo to good use and wrestled out the proper stars for the occasion. Being pregnant at 37 isn't a walk in the park. But having the fetus in the back pocket as the excuse for every act of laziness is nice.

Now some woot, woot action. I got snarky in response to a review of the silent setter which seemed to indicate it was preferable to the Making Memories kit at the scrap review . Can I just say "hellz no"... the Making Memories kit rocks and the silent setter is a PITA. If you have to scrap after the kids go to bed and the hammer is too much for them... OK, maybe you have the need, but other than that it's a stupid tool and the Making Memories tool kit RAWKS! It is the go to, go everywhere, must have. IMO. Well they are giving me something?? No clue what but since I like everything except the Silent Setter and the Fiskar's circle cutting system, I am unlikely to complain.

Blog Candy...

Smells like homemade (it's got Copics!!)

And my personal woot, woot. My darling husband has just purchased me my first brand new car ever! And it's a doozy. I am feeling so spoiled and lucky. I got one heck of a deal, $10,000 off of invoice!!! And they gave me $3000 for the car I paid under $10,000 for almost 6 years ago!

It's a love it or hate it item. The Ford Flex. I got the Limited Package with heated leather seats and heated mirrors and 3 moon roofs and 1 sun roof and power assist everything and, and, and.... it's seriously like a limousine for moms. It seats 7 and seriously has EVERYTHING minus the navigation and built-in DVD player. But we have little portable DVD players so it'll be OK. LOL. I still can't believe the deal. It was less expensive than several "slightly used", lesser package, similar vehicles. It's good to have another American Plated/American assembled vehicle in the house.

The Johnson's attempt to stimulate the economy is now over. We have shot for the moon and did everything we could to support American auto makers and construction workers and the like over the last 6 months. We have got some great deals and hope to see the economy make a full recovery based on our expenditures:)


Shawnsgirl315 said...

Love the layouts. Congrats again on the candy. Wonder what is coming? And I think I'll need to see the car before final opinion on fugliness.

Mélanie Blackburn said...

Wonderful los! Love your takes on the MIU lo! Thanks for playing along.

Oh yeah - I love your new ride!

~*~ Stephanie ~*~ said...

LOL at the Fiskars cutting system (you know I LOVE it!!) but I so completely agree about that Silent Setter... I don't have another to compare it to... but I hate it.

Juliana said...

Thanks for playing along at MIU! Love your take on the mixer!!!

Congrats on your new car! Is it a car or a truck?! LOL! Anyway, congrats!!!!

Elizabeth said...

i can't wait to see the new ride.

I love the LOs even without the circles. :)

Cin Cin said...

Love what you did with this!