Tuesday, March 17, 2009

RAW and taking mirror pictures

I've been trying to learn RAW on the computer. Yes, it's in the camera but it doesn't make a bit of difference when I'm taking the picture... in the computer it's a new animal. In general I'm finding it frustrating and time consuming. But it has it's moments of brilliance. Pictures that would take forever or not be possible to fix in JPEG, so simple to fix. I'm going to keep working on it.

Nikon's free program is miserable, they want me to buy their $200 bigger, better program. It's like Nancy

I spent a great deal of time working on taking a self portrait in the mirror with the camera. 200 shots later I ended up with 4 I don't hate... but still not one that I am in love with. I will be trying this again, perhaps after I get my new lens.   I couldn't seem to get enough light indoors and moved my camera mirror outside.  I do like the clouds in the background of this shot.

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Elizabeth said...

Yey you finally posted your mirror shots.

hopefully we will find a raw program soon. :)