Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thursday Scrap

The crafty girlz came over today. Justine altered wood letters and a calander. Cindy worked on dry embossing for her Christmas Cards, Faye was making individual kick bitt Christmas Cards and I worked on challenge scraps.

The tag on this LO is part of tag challenge at Scrapjazz. But the meat and bones of this challenge is the Wish List and sketch from Scrapstars.

I really, really like how this LO turned out and not only that I loved the challenge. Listening to what the boys say they want to ask Santa for Christmas was hilarious. Erik's unbridled extravagance as he calmly requested an x-ray machine, a Nick Jr dedicated computer, a kids remote control to control the parent's TV, and a guitar was terrific. The only thing more terrific was Andrew's requests, accordingly he already has almost everything he wants for Christmas: A pile of dinosaurs, socks, ball cereal (KIX) and Erik.

I hadn't planned on it, but I think Santa will pick-up some socks and dinosaurs.

This second LO was for Julie Bonner's 52 sketches. I really love her sketches. The flourish is sewed on with glitter glue on top of the thread and around the picture and on the chipboard pumpkins. Yes, I got a little glitter glue happy. (There is also crystal stickles all over the "We Wish" LO.

The papers here are all those $1.00 target items again. I really got my money's worth out of them.

This was from the preschool trip to Catalpa Farm. I got so many great pictures there I will be putting a picture page next to this page with 5 pictures and some journaling.


Shaunna :) said...

omgosh your kids crack me up!!! i love their Christmas lists, i wish mine were that easy!!!!!! :)

socks?!?!?!?! are you kidding me?!?!?!?! that's what i always get my dad, for lack of anything better... i seriously could never imagine buying someone socks for Christmas that actually ASKED for them specifically!

thanks for playing along with our challenge over at ScrapStars! such an awesome page :D

Shaunna :) said...

PS -- i think it would be HILARIOUS if you put a box of unwrapped KIX with a bow on it under the tree... just for giggles... the reaction might be phenomenal!!!! LOL!!!

Elizabeth said...

I just adore their Xmas lists!! Your LOs are great...maybe next I'll b able to come over (finally). :)