Friday, April 16, 2010


I heart faces photography blog

While I follow along I rarely post, but what the heck I've got time today, if I didn't spend my time creating a blog post about the photo fix I tried of some random person I've never met... I'd probably have to do the laundry and clean my house. What good would that be?

So here's the original:

And the request: This is a photo of her beautiful daughter and she was interested in learning a bit more about how to brighten up the image and how to smooth out the skin.

And my take:

Most of the other editors kept the original photo perspective. I took the subject to be young and decided to crop out the cleavage, not so much because I'm old fashioned as because I couldn't seem to make it not draw in the eye... making me feel like the picture might attract pervy eyes and goodness knows I'm not trying to attract perverts to my blog... that is unless they have a thing for 40-ish women with a little cushion and not much in the way of cleavage;)

I used levels for the lighten brighten portion, using not only the RBG channel but also the red channel. I then used the band-aid for most of the blemish work and the cloning tool for the one right over the lip (because the bandaid just couldn't do that one nicely). Then I used the wand to pick up the face (cont J into it's own layer) gassian blur, reduce opacity to blend. Went to the layer under it did a high pass filter with linear light to sparkle/super sharpen the eyes, lips and hair. Then reduced opacity to blend (hind sight I should have further reduced opacity they are still too sharp, the eyes are a bit glowy, my bad) Flattened the image and done.


Melissa Carnahan said...

you did a great job CJ! I need to pick up some tips from you, I always wonder how to adjust everything to fix a bad photo!

Isabellmiao said...

i liked your idea of cropping off the cleavage. :D

Amanda said...

Crop is awesome!! I cropped her some, but her head still looked out of proportion with her body. Nice job!

Great edit, too! ;-)